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What do police and bouncers do With CONFISCATED fake ids

What do police and bouncers do With CONFISCATED fake ids

What you are going to read in this article in detail is- if the bouncers call the cops or not after catching your fake ID, why and where to use fake ID cards, exceptions, and much more essential information.

Some of the bouncers are really hard to impress with your fake ID because they are always attentive about the people who are using such IDs. But why using such fake ID cards are trending these days is important to know first, right? Thus, this is what you are going to know about in the further section of this article now

getting adult. Thus having a fake ID card can help them a lot in this process.

On the other hand, some of theexceptions related to the national minimum age limitsare still there which you might want to know.

Exceptions and regulations for underage people- 

  • It is allowed when done for following any religious activities
  • Any sort of educational purposes
  • Under the consent of their guardian, spouse, parents, etc
  • Lawful employment-related purposes
  • Any type of medical connected reasons
  • Law enforcement purposes and many more

Although,11 of the very popular statesthere in the US are allowingminors to consume alcoholfor educational reasons or purposes. On the other hand,16 states permitit for medical exemptions.

How To Successfully Get And Use A Fake ID

I get nervous about using a fake ID every time

I don’t know if it’s just me but Iget extremely anxiouswhenever I use a fake ID, even if the fake ID is so good and hard to detect. I try to act as normal as possible whenever a bouncer or server is checking though.  Can anyone suggest ways to ease this feeling or how to make it less conspicuous?

  1. Try toget high on marijuanaor weed to help ease the anxiety. Every feeling of anxiety would be gone and you would be just fine.
  2. You are an adult, you are 21 and know that; sotry to relaxand maintain calmness.
  3. Focus on it more as your own ID and don’t tag it as fake. Thesense of ownershipwill help ease the anxiety.
  4. The way you think is all that matters here. I know you are afraid of them noticing it’s fake but you haveto be calm. Even if you get caught, the card only gets destroyed or confiscated. Nothing serious. Do not shake! That isn’t good
  5. In matters like this, confidence matters a lot. You have to focus on what you are going there to get than focusing on how fake the ID is. You should know that people who check IDs such asbouncers check how anxious people are, so don’t shake, just act normal. Another way to help ease the anxiety is by focusing on other things that can ease your mind like how tasty the lunch you ate was or about the plans you have for later. Before being carded, also try totake deep breaths. Your physical appearance and your mindset both matter in fighting anxiety and looking less suspicious. You should also note that anxiety is a normal feeling and some people are more nervous than others but you should try to overcome it.

Have confidence and relax your mind. Then Next

Can you get in trouble while getting your fake id confiscated by a bouncer?

Yes, it is totally fine to use a fake ID only if you know how to use it in front of the bouncers or any official body at the time of entering the bars, pubs, clubs, etc. One must act smart enough in front of them as they can easily catch who is acting fake or using fake ID cards.

The fake ID card is the most ideal choice of people these days. And why will it not be as it offers so many benefits in the most affordable range? On the other hand, you can also get caught if you are appearing wrongfully in front of bouncers at the time of entering the club. Let us know what are the things which can either save you or get you in trouble?

  • The scanning codes included in fake ID should be correct, as they will scan your ID proof card first in order to check you are having a real ID card or not
  • The different features added in the card are a must to check before presenting your card in front of bouncers. They should be correct and real looking like the holograms, UV, OVG, OVD etc.
  • Do you know which material is used in the card making of the real ID card? If not? Then know about it. As, fake ID card should also be made up with the same material or sheet. Although, generally synthetic paper is used in making of ID cards that are further laminated easily.
  • the quality of the fake ID card matters the most as it should be similar like the real one
  • use the correct state ID in which you are going to appear with your Fake ID Card

On the other hand, there are some of the frequent questions asked by people related to Fake IDs like-

Does any bouncer actually call the cops when someone tries to get in with a fake ID?

Well the simple answer to your, this complicated question is abig no. Until and unless if the bar owner is a very obedient person who follows all the rules, regulations and laws of the country. In order to catch fake IDs, the government officials there conduct frequent raids. They can also confiscate the bars, pubs, clubs, cocktail bars, beer bars, liquor stores, strip joints; beer shops owners’ licenses thus many of the shop owners are scared of allowing such fake ID of people.

Thus here is a simple suggestion for you my dear friends that avoid using the same old ID card of one state in another state since this can lead you in trouble.

On the other hand, generally, the bouncers do not really call the cops when they catch a fake ID holder.

People often believe that if a place is visited by any police officials in any area even once then such places are not good for visiting and it can land people in unwanted troubles. Hence people stop visiting such places in this fear. And obviously, the bar owners don’t want that their existing and upcoming customers get affected by such famous. Therefore they usually don’t prefer calling any of the officials and they just warn the person using the fake ID card for the next time.

The main reason behind this is that they too are scared of getting caught in this illegal activity. In case the policemen come and start researching about the bar’s history there is a probability that many of their wrong deeds can come in front of such officials which can direct them in many other related problems.

What happens when a fake ID is taken?

“If you get caught, most bouncers and bartenders will just take away your fake ID and the police will never be involved (at least in the city I live in).

Additional reasons for not calling the cop

There are many other reasons which might influence the bouncers to avoid calling cops. If you are one of them who are still fearful of the reasons which can make bouncer’s call the cops then you should know about the above mentioned reasons. All the reasons mentioned here in this article are stopping the owners of the night clubs or bouncers of the night clubs for calling officials which can take you behind the bars.


  • Cops have much more essential things to do in their daily job as they are very busy people. If the bouncers will try to call them again and again for any college going kid this might disturb them.
  • On the other hand, bouncers also have much more important things to do then just catching the teenagers who are claiming their fake age or identification via fake ID card.

Thus guys stop worrying about the cops and start your drinking fun.

But if you are still afraid of getting caught by the bouncers and by the fear that they will call the cops then read how to make a professional-looking ID card which can never make you face any sort of nuisance.

How to make a proficient looking fake ID in order to avoid any adverse consequences?

Do you know that you can make your own fake ID card that too all by our self without any expert’s need? Yes, this is absolutely true as well as possible. Moreover, the best part is it will not demand much of your hard-earned money since it can be prepared in a low budget as well.

Major requirements-

For that, you will just need some of the crucial items such as good quality Teslin paper, all because the original ID cards are made up with the same material. Other things may include- pouch laminator, encoder, butterfly laminator, editing software, etc.

Making process-

  • Firstly, add the ID template according to your state province or state.
  • Edit the template in the editing software like you can use Adobe Photoshop which can edit the template.
  • Next, you have to change the text fields.
  • Edit the hair color, eye color, etc in the photo if you are from another country.
  • Scan the photo which you are going to add in your fake ID card.
  • Scan the signature used in the real card to the fake ID card.
  • Next, all you have to do is add the barcodes as barcodes are one of the main elements of the card which bouncers can generally catch.
  • Do not forget to include the magnetic strips which can be encoded with the encoder.
  • Include all the required information, symbols, holograms, etc.
  • Now comes, the use of the synthetic paper you are using in making the fake ID card.
  • Now you have to print the prepared ID card to the paper. Here you will need a printer like any pigmented based inkjet printer.
  • Cut the ID card according to the card size.
  • Laminate your new card.
  • With the help of the sandpaper, you can sharpen the edges.


So, what do you think about this simple technique which can help you prepare your own fake ID card? It is really amazing, right? Furthermore, this self-made card will give you more confidence when you are using in front of the brad bouncers.

It will also eliminate your any chances of getting caught in front of bouncers. Plus, there is no way possible that they will call cops after identifying your fake ID.

If you have access to an empty package. Please don't worry. You will get a second package with your ID in it. thank you