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Most students in the United States did a fake ID before the age of 21

Add time : 2020-12-08

Yesterday, I chatted with my classmates at the dining table. I suddenly talked about the serious problem of not being able to enter bars and nightclubs under the age of 21 in the United States without an ID. The classmate did not have a fake ID (most students in the United States did a fake ID before the age of 21) and said that she planned to borrow her sister's ID, but she was afraid that the security guard would find out and asked me what my experience was.


I thought about it and said that I really have experience.


1. Once I went to see my senior sister who graduated from Philadelphia and lived in Philadelphia. Several of us planned to have a drink at a gay nightclub in Philadelphia, but I do n’t have an ID. My school sister is black, and I can borrow me without an ID. So I took a look at Baidu: Chinese driver's license. Then I downloaded a driver's license with a female avatar on my phone. Sister Xue glanced and said: Even people like me who are not Asian can see that this is not you. And ... she pointed to the date of birth: 1976.


I told her with certainty: It does not matter, Asians are small.


Then we went. Before I arrived, I saw a long line out. Several girls in high heels were entangled with the black uncle, and finally walked away helplessly. Sister Xue said: I guess you are hanging, otherwise I will accompany you to take a taxi. Don't take this risk.


I said: It doesn't matter, let's try it.


I stood at the end of our group, and the school sisters all passed directly. It's my turn.


Uncle: "What about ID?"


Me: "I just lost my passport."


The sister immediately rushed over: "Yes, yes, we were in the bar just now, and her passport must have been stolen."


Uncle (suspiciously): "Really."


I (certainly): "Really! I just came from China and didn't understand anything. The passport and wallet were put on the table and then disappeared!"


Uncle: "But I really think you are not 18 years old."


I'm speechless.


"She is 21, I promise." Xuejie said.


"I'm 21, I promise." My parrot learning tongue is generally repeated.


At this time no one was behind me. I think the uncle still won't let me in, so I said to the elder sister, "Go ahead first."


Sister Xue said: "Okay, let's go in and have a look. If it's not good, we'll come out and pick you up. Wait a minute."


I said yes.


The school sisters all went in. I stood with my uncle in the cold wind, jumping from time to time to keep out the cold.


Uncle suddenly asked me very friendly: "Are you going to school in Philadelphia?"


I said, "In."


"At Penn?"


"No, outside Philadelphia, Haverford."


"Oh, Haverford is good, what did you learn?"


"I study literature."


"Ah! I used to want to study the literature department!"


"Really? Why didn't you learn it?"


"You know, always learn something that can make money, my family disagrees."


"Yes ah, I was ready to go after the coffee shop after graduation to work and I want to be a security guard, but not high enough to be strong enough. Otherwise, every day, those minor little bitch who kicked out the door to how cool!"


Uncle smiled: "I also feel pretty cool!"


I laughed too.


At this time Xuejie came out: "Come, let me accompany you to take a taxi. Come out next time."


So I waved to the uncle.


"Hey, wait a minute!" Uncle suddenly called me.


I turned my head.


He sighed: "Are you 18 years old?"


"I'm all 21," I said, "I'm really not that small."


The uncle said, "Take out your credit card."


Me: "Why? !!!!"


Uncle: "There is surveillance here, you can just show me a card."


I took out my supermarket discount card.


The uncle waved his hand and motioned me to go in.


Sister Xue opened her eyes wide: "I race!"


This is the first story.

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