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If you want to have a drink in the United States under the age of 21, you need a fake id

Add time : 2020-04-20

Although there are legal restrictions on drinking under the age of 21, it still can't stop the uproar of American teenagers. But through this picture, we can clearly see that as the United States restricts drinking under the age of 21, the trend of drinking under the age of 21 is declining. Now the Federal Trade Commission stipulates that 21 years old is the legal drinking age. The exemption clauses include legal / religious / medical / government / teaching activities and occasions accompanied by parents (including some private areas). In addition, except that parents can provide alcohol to people under the age of 21 in the private field, no one is allowed to provide alcohol to people who have not reached the legal drinking age.


So if you want to have a drink in the United States under the age of 18, you need a fake id,Because regular restaurants, bars or shopping malls will let you show valid certificates to prove your age. But it is not impossible. Unless, you have a fake ID! There are two types of fake IDs. One is to falsify the identity of others, thereby replacing others, which is a felony. Another common one is to fake your age. It is generally illegal to buy wine bars, but the consequences are not as serious as the former. There was once a policeman who helped others to get a fake ID and was caught by the police. The ending can be imagined. The months of court investigations and various legal-related expenses have already made him unable to eat. Taking New York as an example, fake IDs are the third violation of a fake identity, ranging from a prison sentence of less than a year, and more importantly, they will leave a stain on your personal records for a lifetime. These sentences depend on the situation and place where the fake id is used. Although first-time offenders who enter or exit bars or buy alcohol do not enter prison, they may still be inspected by police stations or courts for up to three years and face fines of up to $ 1000. As an international student, use your own name and make a fake ID that has been changed to 21+ years old: If it is recognized as a fake ID by a waiter in a supermarket / bar / restaurant, in most cases, the ID is confiscated / broken, and the restaurant manager criticizes education five minute. The ability to recognize IDs: supermarkets> cheap university bars> bars with bouncers> bars> restaurants> fine dining If the police found that a fake ID was used, in practice, the focus of the police uncle's attention is underage drinking, not the use of fake IDs . (Quote high-ticket content) But if it is discovered by the police uncle, the F-1 visa as an international student will not be guaranteed. What's more, the school will forcibly withdraw your school (for details, please check the relevant school terms ), Will be detained by the police station and interrogated, when serious, you will also need to hire a lawyer.


Andy said that IDTOP is both the name of the supplier and a real person. The first time he heard the name was in his second year of high school, senior classmates got fake certificates through IDTOP. "He is basically a god, a group of Chinese men. They may be gangsters or organized crime groups. No one really knows that IDChief is a group that sells fake IDs to teenagers in the United States." He continued. "As their group grows larger and the internal tensions increase, they are divided into different" companies ", one of which becomes idtop and the most successful one."




Now, Andy has accumulated at least 20 fake IDs. His conclusion is obvious: a fake ID has become a teenager ’s gold medal. Adults (bars and casinos) that were previously inaccessible can enter and leave at will with fake IDs, which makes them teenagers in Hollywood movies.


You might think that Andy does not need twenty fake IDs, but he has to keep up with the pace of technological progress. "People are always pursuing the best products on the market, which is why people like me have so many IDs." He showed me his latest photo: a fake Utah ID, which is considered the current The best on the market. He said, "This looks true to me. The most important thing is that it achieves the unique perforation and micro-printing technology that exist on real identity documents under ultraviolet light."