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Add time : 2019-11-06

Although the acquisition and use of forged identity cards seems to be something everyone is doing, it has always been a concern of the government. It is not uncommon to suppress. At the recent summer concert in New York, the drowning of minors caused a sensation. In other cases, more stringent laws are quietly advocated, forcing retailers selling alcoholic beverages to pay more attention when checking identity documents.


The first few scans in recent years led to the confiscation of 862 fraudulent licenses and the arrest of 818 individuals. In addition, the Liquor Industry Authority said that since 2010, the number of prosecutions for minor sales has increased by 50%. Repression actions are usually directed at the school district and surrounding communities and are conducted at the beginning of the semester.


Similarly, bodyguards are well aware of the proliferation of fake ID cards. Don't try to challenge their intelligence and professionalism with sneaky ID cards. At the very least, you will be ridiculed in front of the crowd with sharp speech:


Shubali said: "I think that when the bodyguard takes you with a fake ID card to grab you, the first thing we have to do is to laugh at you." "If this is a good error ID, we will say , 'You are coming soon,', if this is a bad ID, we have to say: 'Brother, I know you did it in the dormitory, but you can use Staples and Jincos. Next time A little effort." (Source)


If you have questions about the authenticity of your ID card, you may be asked to provide an alternate identification document. If you fail to provide an ID, you will be turned away - your friends are watching the whole process. Although this is certainly a painful emotional experience, reporting to the police is a completely different level of danger. Yes, you can confiscate it and confiscate your ID.


After Donald Trump came to power, the deadline for implementing the real identity bill was set on October 1, 2020. Thereafter, the US resident on board the aircraft must use an updated driver's license and ID card, or a US passport and other documents approved by the Federal Transportation Administration.

In 2017, the California government plans to allocate more than $220 million over the next six years to replace residents with new drivers' licenses and ID cards that meet the requirements of the Federal Government's Real Identity Act. New documents with special marks will be issued on January 2, 2018. As the largest state in the United States, the number of people with more than 39 million Californians applying for new documents in the coming months will surge.

Applicants are required to provide more documents than ever before, including birth certificates, or other documents proving birth, two certificates of residence in California, and social security numbers.

According to the revised budget announced by California Governor Jerry Brown, the State Vehicle Administration will employ more than 2,700 new employees within six years to expedite the processing and issuance of new documents. These new documents will serve as valid documents for residents to travel.

California residents need to go to the vehicle management office to apply for new documents, which are not accepted online or by post.

In 2013, the California Parliament passed a bill to issue a driver's license for “undocumented immigrants” (the California government is sheltering illegal immigrants, not called “illegal”). These drivers are specially marked and cannot be used to fly or enter proof of identity. Federal government office space.

The US Congress passed the Real Identity Act in 2005, which introduced a set of strict rules for the state to apply for identity cards and driver's licenses. But lawmakers said that there are still 12 states that refuse to implement the bill, making it difficult for the United States to fight against terrorists and illegal immigrants.

In the 9/11 terrorist attacks, 19 of the 19 hijackers used fake or illegally obtained driving licenses. 9.11 The Commission recommended standardizing driver's licenses in 50 states across the United States and enacted the Real Identity Act. But since the bill was enacted, it has still not been implemented in the United States.

US Congressman Sensen Brenner is one of the drafters of the Real Identity Act, and he believes it is necessary to implement a real identity bill throughout the United States. The bill stipulates that applicants must be US citizens or have legal status. This is an effective measure to combat illegal immigration and prevent terrorists. Some governors are too late to implement because of the high cost of implementing this bill. Sensenbrenner said that this is a misunderstanding.

Senator Sensenbrenner: "The US Governors Association believes that spending 12 billion to implement the real identity bill actually only uses 300 million, which is still funded by the federal government."

It is worth mentioning that the US Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, is not a supporter of the bill. She suggested that Congress consider cheaper and more effective programs. Qi Mo, president of the US Safe Driving License Alliance, said that the lack of leadership support is the main reason for the unsuccessful implementation of this bill.

"The federal government did not participate, except for providing some funding. This was carried out by the states, and the government did not play a leading role."

According to the US 2005 Real ID Act, the driver's license and other state ID issued by the state must comply with a set of strict rules as defined by the US Department of Homeland Security. This set of regulations has not yet been made public, but the state legislatures of dozens of states have begun to argue that they should not resist the federal government and oppose the introduction of federalized identity cards.

As of May 11, 2008, US citizens must obtain a federalized ID card - the US passport holder is also eligible - to travel, open a bank account, receive social security payments, or use various Government services. State governments must check the state's identity documents and driver's licenses on their own, and some licenses may have to be renewed in order to meet new regulations. The state driver's license database must also be linked to each other.

The standard ID card that will be on the road must be “read electronically”, and it seems that it may be possible to add a standard magnetic strip on the back of the card for reading by government agencies and private companies. Another possible way is to embed a radio frequency identification (RFID) chip on the card. Currently, the US passport has adopted an RFID chip.

Supporters say the Real ID Act can help fight terrorism. Some of the 911 terrorist attackers issued a driver's license with a forged state government, while others only showed up their foreign passports and boarded the plane.

However, opponents in the states said that the Real ID regulations "is not a way to maintain US security," not only costing huge financial resources, but also placing national identity data at risk and endangering civil liberties.


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