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American Nightlife Guide -- life in the united states(FAKE ID)

Add time : 2020-07-23

Bars and Pubs do not have band DJ performances, and mostly use light music and jazz as the background. Different types of bars have different types of alcohol and different ways of playing, such as red wine suitable for dating, beer suitable for chatting with friends, cocktails and whisky suitable for business negotiation. Many restaurants and cafes also offer drinking services at night.


Consumption: Depending on the bar environment, service, wine, etc., it ranges from a dozen to several hundred knives.




It can also be called Club directly, which is a very good nightclub. In fact, here is mainly based on the smoky group of demons and dancing performances. Alcohol is only a tool for fun. Most clubs need to pay an admission fee ranging from $ 40- $ 60. Some clubs can enter for free before 12:00.


Consumption: Club takes spirits to drinks as its main drink, not a quiet and quiet place for tasting good wine. But drinks are not cheap, at least a few tens of US dollars, maybe because everyone is very high, you can take advantage of the opportunity to kill customers ... If you want to book a deck, the number of people will be required, generally 8-10 people, one Table price will be around $ 1000.



Nightlife preparation


The most important thing is the ID. Friends who are 21 years of age or older (18 years old can enter some occasions but cannot drink alcohol) must bring an ID, otherwise they will be rejected. It's just a good idea for a small partner who holds a US driver's license to bring a driver's license directly. Try not to bring a passport. Losing it will be very troublesome. If you are under 21, you need a fake ID



Although you can pay with a bank card when ordering wine, sometimes you need to pay cash for tips (remember to pay the bartender tips at the cocktail bar), entrance fees, and clothing storage fees. Nightclub establishments are chaotic, and it is easy to confuse and lose bank cards. If the expenses are not large, it is also good to use cash.




Some nightclubs or theme events with well-known DJs need to buy tickets on the official website in advance, and even need to snap up. Everyone must ensure that their purchases are successful before they can enter the venue smoothly.



Remember AVICII who never waved in rhythm



Driving under the influence of alcohol is very dangerous, and it is not recommended to drive to it, whether it is a drink or a big one. Going to Uber or taxi with friends is the best option.



If you just go to the bar and chat with your friends, you can drink casually and naturally, you can dress casually and comfortably.


But if you go to the nightclub to play times or participate in the theme party, then how come you are sexy. Girls are naturally sexy and beautiful dresses or hot pants. It is recommended to carry a small satchel and only carry important IDs, mobile phones, change and makeup items. Do n’t carry shoulder bags and big bags. If you do n’t have enough storage cabinets or if you do n’t have a storage service, you wo n’t be happy holding your bags all night!


Boys can choose casual shirts.




1. Some high-end venues do not allow overly casual wearers such as sports shoes, slippers, jeans, T-shirts, etc. Everyone should know whether there is a dress code at the venue.


2. Many young people will wear short-sleeved short skirts directly to the nightclub in the winter, because it is really troublesome to store the coat, and there is not even enough space to store the clothes! Therefore, when going to a nightclub in winter, both warmth and convenience must be considered.


3. Try not to bring inexplicable small pieces, such as cups, bottles, bags, etc., it is easy to be suspected of carrying prohibited items.


If you know that it will be a night of hangovers, do n’t wear too expensive clothes, let alone get dirty, play clothes and scrap directly




This is also a common preparation for entering a nightclub abroad, that is, pre-hi! Usually drink a wave with friends at home or other bars. After everyone is excited to enter the state, go to the nightclub. It's a bit like our domestic transition haha. But remember not to pre-game too much, already drunk can easily be blocked by Club and other places outside the gate.



The casual bar is very simple, please ask the waiter to arrange seats for you. When the nightclub enters, you need to line up when there are many people and show your IDs one by one. Are there any reserved seats or boxes; do VIPs have different entrance passages, please pay attention to whether they enter in the correct passage.


Note: If the team is too long, tipping may come in handy.

If you have access to an empty package. Please don't worry. You will get a second package with your ID in it. thank you