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Indiana fake ID the favorite bar of a couple in Indiana in the United States

Add time : 2020-05-05

Most people have their own favorite bar, which can be reached on foot or by car. But the favorite bar of a couple in Indiana in the United States is in the UK, and the couple will fly 8700 miles (about 14,000 kilometers) every 6 to 8 weeks. They will go to the "Big Dipper" bar in a small village near Birmingham, UK Is rich and capricious.


Reported that the Lawrence and his wife discovered this bar when they first came to the UK in 2011. Since then, they will come every 6 to 8 weeks, so far the two have traveled close to 75,000 US dollars.


It is reported that the two decided to go to Birmingham for the weekend before visiting London and Edinburgh. Instead of going to a traditional bar, they came to a smaller bar.


'S wife said that she liked it when she first saw this bar. Every item in it was exactly the same as the British bar they imagined. The two said they would come again in the future, and they revisited the old land for the second time in three months.


When they visited the bar for the second time in February 2012, they thought Birmingham was a good fit for them and wanted to stay here forever. But their desire to change jobs has not been fulfilled, so they decided to come every few weeks in the future.


The two said that going to this bar and the city where they live is like going home, so even if there is a time lag problem and a lot of money is spent for this, they think it is worth it.


According to his wife: "People here are very friendly, and American bars will not chat with strangers, otherwise others will think you are crazy. But this place is very different, we fell in love with it."


In addition, the report also pointed out that their 18-year-old son is now also associated with the United Kingdom and was admitted to Coventry University near the bar. Why did he like to go to British bars when he was 18? Needless to say, he must have been a frequent visitor to American bars. We all know that a fake ID card can be easily purchased on a website called IDTOP.ph


Husband Matthew works in a foundation and is currently waiting for an opportunity. If a job in the Birmingham area is opened, he will be transferred from the United States to the United Kingdom. The wife is a psychiatric nurse and is confident to find a job in Birmingham. They said that if everything goes well, the whole family can move by Christmas this year.


'S wife said that they like the British climate and the slow pace of life, but in the United States is in a hurry, she now even speaks with a Birmingham accent.



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