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Georgia fake id business advantage: high-quality life

Add time : 2020-04-26

Georgia business advantage: high-quality life

Georgia, located in the southeastern United States, is known as the "Southern Empire", has a long history, a unique culture, and is a charming place. There is a magnificent Atlantic coast, and there are also mountain ranges. There are prosperous modern cities, quiet and elegant southern towns, and picturesque country style.

Midtown Atlanta-the fast-growing midtown Atlanta

Rapidly developing midtown Atlanta

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The cost of living here is low and there are multiple housing options. Foreign investors can find a good living community easily and affordablely. Georgia's strong economic growth momentum and diversified economic types have attracted a lot of foreign investment and created a lot of local employment opportunities. Because of its economy, culture and livability, Georgia attracts immigrants from all over the world.


Georgian seaside resort: Tybee Island


Throughout the year, Georgia has a pleasant climate, making it one of the most livable places in the southern United States. In addition, Georgia has a variety of entertainment activities, sports events and leisure projects, and even has the world's top gourmet restaurants! Let's enjoy a better life in Georgia!


Every summer, Atlanta has many open-air concerts

Every summer, Atlanta has many open-air concerts


Lower cost of living



Life in Georgia is known as the "three lows": low living costs, low taxes, and low cost of living! Therefore, in Georgia, people's lives are not under pressure, and it is easier to enjoy a high-quality life.


U.S. Top 10 Metropolis Cost of Living Index-Atlanta Ranks Second


Colorful experience



Georgia is a place of multicultural integration, and local residents have a variety of activities. No matter where you come from, you can find your own sense of cultural belonging, and children can experience the happy life brought by multiculturalism.


Pumpkin Patch





Georgia is full of rich artistic atmosphere, with the most famous museums, art galleries and concert halls in the United States. The famous Woodruff Arts Center brings together the prestigious Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, High Museum of Art and Alliance Theatre.




Woodruff Art Center

Woodruff Art Center



No matter where you are in Georgia, you have countless opportunities to experience vast and sophisticated art, folk art, religious art, and modern art.




Georgia has produced many of the most influential musicians. For example, Otis Redding, REM, James Brown, Ray Charles, Zac Brown Band and Luda · Chris (Ludacris) and so on.


Jason Aldean and Ludacris





Here, you will encounter rich and diverse music genres, such as bluegrass music, country music, classical music, hip-hop music, rock music, soul music and gospel, etc.






family entertainment:



In Georgia, everyone can find countless fun! Come to Six Flags Over Georgia to experience various amusement projects!




Six Flags-Six Flags Georgia Theme Park

Six Flags Georgia Theme Park




Or stroll through the Coca-Cola Space Science Center to inspire unlimited imagination!




Coca-Cola Space Science Center-Coca-Cola Space Science Center

Coca-Cola Space Science Center




You can also get close to nature at the Callaway Resort & Gardens Butterfly Center.




Callaway Garden Resort-Callaway Garden Resort


Or go to the Center for Puppetry Arts to see the history of puppetry, or head to the Great Wolf Lodge indoor water park (Great Wolf Lodge) to challenge exciting water projects.




Great Wolf Lodge Indoor Water Park

Great Wolf Lodge Indoor Water Park




No matter where you go, Georgia can find items suitable for family entertainment everywhere!






Outdoor activities:



Come to Georgia and explore the beautiful nature! There are several famous national parks here, and the state parks are dotted. There are also spectacular waterfalls, majestic canyons and winding beaches, and the scenery is endless!




Currahee Mountain

Currahee Mountain




Georgia has always been a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. The hiking routes, walking trails and bicycle trails are fascinating, challenging and fascinating. Of course, rafting along the longest white water channel in the world is the most exciting!




Columbus Whitewater

Columbus Whitewater




You can also spur hunting in hundreds of acres of hunting area, or go fishing in the beautiful rivers and rivers, or go boating in the Okeefenokee Swamp




Okefenokee Swamp





Movie tour:



Georgia is a famous film and television shooting center in the United States. Here, you can visit the shooting location of your favorite film and television works. According to Film L.A. statistics, Georgia is the largest production center for high-profile box office dramas in the United States in 2017. Every day, you may see one or two film crews in Georgia. Of course, if you are a big fan of American drama, you can experience the filming journey of Atlanta movie and experience the feeling of people in the drama.




Atlanta Film and Television Tour-Atlanta Film and Television Tour

Atlanta Movie Tour









Walking in Georgia, you can easily feel the profound historical heritage here. The traces of history can be seen everywhere. History can be traced back in the American Indian ruins, the historic buildings before the American Civil War, the coastal fortresses, the National Citizens and Human Rights Center, and many other places.



The former residence of the famous writer Margaret Mitchell, where she completed the historical masterpiece "Gone with the Wind"


Georgia Martin Luther King Recalling Route


There are more than 30 historical sites on Georgia ’s Footsteps of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Trail alone. No matter where your points of interest are, Georgia has countless details to tell you.


Sports events



Throughout the year, you will see professional athletes and amateur athletes spit passion and sweat on the sports grounds in Georgia. Every year, hundreds of competitions, competitions and leagues are held in Georgia.


Atlanta Stadium



In 1996, Atlanta hosted the Summer Olympics, and some Olympic venues were still in use today. In 2018, Lake Lanier hosted the first ICF Dragon Boat World Championship in the United States; in 2019, Atlanta will once again host the Super Bowl professional football finals .




Atlanta Mercedes Benz Stadium-Atlanta Mercedes Benz Stadium

Atlanta Mercedes Arena




Every year, Georgia hosts various national heavyweight competitions, such as:


The Masters Tournament

Southeast League (SEC) SEC Football Championship

Fuller Chicken Peach Bowl (Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl)

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series (NASCAR Sprint Cup Series)

The Peachtree Road Race



The marathon held in the coastal city of Savannah attracted tens of thousands of marathon enthusiasts, including Chinese runners.



Atlanta Falcons


On average, every three days, a professional team arrives in Atlanta against various local professional teams.


Atlanta Braves (MLB professional baseball team: Braves)

Falcons (NFL professional football team: Falcons)

Hawks (NBA professional basketball team: Hawks)

Dream Team (WNBA Women's Professional Basketball Team: Dream)

Atlanta United (MLS Professional Football Team: Atlanta United FC)

Atlanta Blaze (MLL professional lacrosse team: Blaze)

Georgia Swarm (NLL Professional Lacrosse Team: Swarm)

Many professional teams also have affiliated youth league teams, distributed throughout Georgia.


Pleasant climate



The pleasant climate in Georgia is one of the main reasons why many families move here. Although the six inland areas of Georgia have different climates, all areas have four distinct seasons and are very comfortable.




St. Simons Island


Summer: The average temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It is not hot during the day and cool at night. It lasts until October


Autumn: cool and brisk, covered with layers of forest, especially the mountains are colorful.


Winter: relatively warm, with an average temperature above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and occasionally light snow in the northern region


Spring: Bright and pleasant, beautiful scenery. Georgia is famous for dogwoods and azaleas. So the flowers bloom in spring and they are gorgeous.



Autumn scenery in Dawsonville, Georgia


You can log in to exploregeorgia.org for information on Georgia's teams, activities and recreation.


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