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Alaska fake ID helped me watch a concert at the bar

Add time : 2020-04-23

The largest state in the United States, the largest enclave in the world, the state with the largest number and size of national parks in the United States, the highest peak in North America, the largest home of brown bears, and the home of glaciers are not enough to describe Alaska. Compared with Antarctica and Siberia, the climate here is relatively good, and the variety of landforms and species makes Alaska more attractive; and compared with Iceland and Norway, the vast land development is quite low, so it has remained extremely The high mystery has inspired countless yearnings to explore. From the world map, Alaska faces Siberia in Asia across the Bering Strait. In the Ice Age, when the Bering Strait was frozen into a continental bridge, Alaska naturally became a bridgehead for the long American journey of ancestors from Asia. So Alaska was inhabited 10,000 years ago. Most of these aborigines now live on the long list of Aleutian Islands in the southwestern corner of Alaska. They still live on traditional fisheries and are almost isolated from the world. The first European to dabble here was Bering, a Russian explorer who took a boat from Siberia in 1741 (he was also named after the Bering Strait between the Americas and Asia), and soon the entire fertile land was placed in During the period of crazy expansion, Tsarist Russia ruled. So why is Alaska in American hands now? Perhaps you have heard of the most daring land sale in human history – in 1867, the United States bought 7.2 million square kilometers of Alaska for $ 7.2 million, or $ 4.74 per square kilometer. Including inflation, it is equivalent to 400 yuan per square kilometer today, and 0.04 cents per square meter. Feel like you struggling to buy a house in Beijing. Why does Russia want to sell such a big land at a bargain price? Because in that era, the frozen Alaska failed to bring Russia any benefit. And in the Crimean War of 1856, after Russia's fiasco to Britain and France, the British who were entrenched in Canada would easily capture Alaska and continue to invade Russia's Asian territory. It would be better to sell it to the United States at a bargain price and let the United States use it as a shield. From the map, Alaska is indeed stuck between Canada and Russia, but has no connection with the United States. At the time, the American people did not feel that they had picked up any bargains. The US Secretary of State, Seward (we will see the name later), who managed the sale, spent the rest of his life in mockery. "Westward's Refrigerator", "President Johnson's Polar Bear Garden" was a common name used by Americans for the latest territories. However, the history that followed was the story of the American people making a lot of money: the discovery of gold mines in Alaska triggered the gold rush, and the discovery of massive oil in modern times is still one of the most important crude oil producing areas in the United States. And today, she has more bloomed the original wildness and the charm of the polar scenery, and has become a longing place for many people, such as me. The charm that Alaska shows you cannot wait. Your trip to Alaska doesn't have to start from the moment you land. When your flight is still an hour away, you may wish to open the porthole of the plane. You will find that under the clouds and fog, the magnificence of Alaska will come.


Alaskan Hotel and Bar

The town of Talkeetna is preparing to participate in the Denali flight sightseeing tour the next day. It happens that Denali Brewing Company is in this small town, so our dinner has landed again and we went straight to the winery restaurant. This tourist town has only 1,000 permanent residents, but it has a well-known winery in Alaska and a good beer shop. When we arrived at the restaurant, we behaved like excited children again. Let ’s take a look at the left and right, order the sample as usual, and choose 5 types of beer. Among them, their Denali Chuli stout is an excellent British stout Beer is still very common in Alaska, and it is a relatively well-known brand. In addition to stout, there is also a sour beer that left a good impression on me. IPA and Pils are quite satisfactory and not considered excellent products. If I live in Alaska, this stout will become my ration dark beer!


I am 18 years old and I have lived in Alaska for 5 years. In order to go to the bar with my classmates to watch a band performance, a buddy introduced to me a website called idtop.ph The fake ID card sold by this website can be fake. My buddies and I often go to various Alaska bars to watch music performances. Life in Alaska is really beautiful!