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I made an fake ID myself before going to Miami

Add time : 2020-04-21

Miami. I made an ID myself before going to Miami. I downloaded a funny ID card from Wei Xiaobao on the Internet, changed the photo and birthday without changing the name, and then printed it. I found a tutorial, cut a transparent folder, and ironed the card in two pieces of plastic with the roommate's iron.


It looks like the perfect ID from idtop.ph


Then I went to Miami happily.


When I was in a youth hostel, I was going to try if this ID is useful.


I went to the front desk and bought a bottle of beer.


The Mexican aunt was very happy to help me get a bottle of beer from the refrigerator, and then suddenly remembered something: "What about your ID?"


I gave her my ID very calmly.


She glanced. Then he looked at me suspiciously.


Then she took my money and handed me the beer.


When I just wanted to leave, she suddenly stopped me: "Girl, don't use this in a nightclub. The security guard will laugh at you."



3. Miami fake ids


So I did not use this ID. But the front desk of the youth hostel told me that there are no Asian girls here, and the nightclubs want Asian girls to go, so you can try someone else's ID.


But this is the problem. There are no Asians here, not even men.


So on Friday night I borrowed a passport, a French girl in the same room, blonde.


Then I happily went to the nightclub with my new friends.


Then the security guard glanced at the passport and then at me. Without a word, let me in.


This experience surprised me. I think this place is really amazing.




4. Miami fake id idtop


On my last night in Miami, the French girl also went out, and I couldn't find anyone who borrowed an ID. My girlfriend was changing clothes in the house and going to the nightclub, so I was drinking beer and chatting with everyone in the hall.


At this time, this group of European boys began to discuss different driving licenses in Europe, so some people took out their driving licenses and showed them to everyone.


Next to me is a German boy named Mattis, a super handsome man in his twenties, a very masculine boy of the prince type. The blue eyes are broad and the forehead is firm, the brown hair in the midfield of the jaw. Then he took out his driver's license and showed it to everyone.


I glanced. The photo was very dark, and his eyes and hair looked black.


"Matisse," I said suddenly, "Do you think I can borrow your driver's license?"


He looked at me: "You ... what are you going to do with it?"


"I just want to go to the bar with my friend, but I don't have an ID." I said.


"So ... so you want to borrow my ID?"




"Do you think we look like two?" His voice trembled. "I'm a man."


"Look, in this photo, you have black hair and black eyes. And you don't have a beard ... it doesn't matter, I can say I have heavy body hair."


He handed me the driver's license: "I wish you good luck."


So I took out my driver's license and happily went out with my girlfriend.


At the first nightclub.


Uncle Security glanced at my ID.


Take another look at my ID.


Take another look at my ID.


"Is this you?" He asked.


He looked very confused.


"Yes," I said positively, "This is me."


Uncle Security did not speak.


"What language is this?"


"German," I said, "I am an exchange student in Germany."


"Oh, do you have another ID?" He asked.


"No more," I said.


Then he sighed: "Sorry, I want you to go in, but you have to have another ID."


So we went to another nightclub.


Similarly, the black security uncle glanced at my ID.


Take another look at my ID.


Take another look at my ID.


Then he said very confused and confused: "I don't want to offend you. I really haven't seen many Asians, but ... I really think this is a man."


So I happily took my driver's license back to the hostel to chat with everyone and drink beer.