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15 days ago
Hey, my friends and I are looking to go in on ID's however 2 of us live in a different part of the state than our other two friends and we're looking to go in on the 4 person order discount. I was wondering if were possible to ship 2 of the ID's to separate places than the others and still get the reduced rate. Thanks
idtop: Hello friend, Because our freight is free. You can tell our staff If you need to send the other two addresses, you must pay the cost of our one shipment Thank you very much
14 days ago


18 days ago
Hi I am # 201913126584, I made a mistake in my order. I put down "Pennsylvania" but I just realized that there is a difference between that and PA (new). We definitely want the newer Pennsylvania IDs so if that can be arranged that would be amazing. We just placed our order earlier today and submit the western union number less then an hour ago so I hope this isn't a problem. Again we would like to switch to the PA (new) IDs rather than the older Pennsylvania IDs. We sent $185 for 3 Pennsylvania IDs earlier today and we are able send 60 more dollars via western union under the same sender and recipient tomorrow morning if it is possible for you all to make this change. We just want the most realistic IDs possible so we hope this will work out. If you could email back letting us know you got this that would be great, thanks.
idtop: Dear friend Don't worry, we have informed the staff to change your ID You will receive new PA Thank you very much
17 days ago


18 days ago
I was told I would be able to receive my IDs in two weeks just yesterday. When I emailed today asking for my payment confirmation and order number, I also mentioned again that I needed them in two weeks. I have emailed to confirm these things because I don't want my stuff to get mixed up like it seems that a lot of peoples do, so i just want confirmation. When I mentioned getting them in two weeks today i was told that it would not be possible. I find this ridiculous because I even said if it wasn't possible in free shipping that I would pay extra in my email yesterday, and I was told this wouldn't be necessary. Based on reviews, it seems that a lot of peoples orders have issues and don't get shipped for months. I am only getting frustrated because I am not getting any straight forward answers. I know somebody who has ordered from this site so I want to trust it, I just would like yall to be straight foward with me and tell me when my order number and payment confirmation will be ready.
idtop: Hello friend, Sorry for taking so long to reply to your email. We have just checked your order. It was submitted to our staff yesterday to arrange production Our transportation is free. Don't worry about it. Our deliveries are all normal. You usually receive your id card within two weeks. Here is your id photo. We have arranged the staff to send it to you Don't worry. I can solve all the problems of the customers If you have any questions, please tell Thank you very much.
18 days ago


20 days ago
I haven't heard anything about my order. When will I be receiving my information? I sent my payment 2 weeks ago. My order number is 201911625702
idtop: Hello friend, I'm sorry. It's all our fault. Because the new - (customer service) - staff did not send us your information before We just checked today that your order has not been sent. We have sent your ID to the expedited staff I'm sorry to have kept you so long Thank you very much
19 days ago


22 days ago
Hello, I have also received my pictures of my ID's and told that they would be sent out today but have not obtained my tracking number for my package yet please use order number 201912226059 for reference! Thank you.
idtop: Dear friend We have rearranged the staff to send you the tracking number Please check your email Thank you very much
22 days ago
claucon: I still have not recieved my tracking number..
20 days ago
idtop: Our staff has sent you the photo. Your order number. We have arranged the staff to send it Thank you very much
19 days ago


25 days ago
Hi I just have a question regarding OrderID-201911125383. I have received photos of the ID's but three days later and I have still not been sent a tracking number. If I could get that, that would be great. Thanks so much!
idtop: Do not worry. We have arranged for the staff to resend the tracking number Your email: firewor****** Thank you very much
24 days ago

Jack M

27 days ago
Could not have made a better choice!
IDTOP: Thank you very much for your evaluation.
26 days ago


29 days ago
Hi, I placed my order December 20th, 2018. The ID's came and were good quality but did not scan. I sent an email and I was told the ID's would be remade. I have been waiting 2 weeks since then with no new information. Can I receive an update on my order status? Original order number: 2018122124655 Thanks.
IDTOP: hello Please don't worry, our staff has arranged to send your ID before
We have arranged the staff to resend your update
Thank you very much
28 days ago


1 month ago
I was emailed and asked to change a birthday on one of my id's i ordered under the name anna griffin. please change the date of birth to 09/30/1997. my order number is 201911625668
IDTOP: Okay. We will arrange the staff to change the date

Thank you very much

We have sold many ids. You can ask your friends around. You can rest assured that we are the real manufacturer. Thank you!!

27 days ago
xcelesticax: can you verify that this page isnt a scam
30 days ago


1 month ago
I got an email back from you guys saying the pics we sent in needed to be "actual size" files and that a birthday was messed up. I'm just wondering who I can email new pictures and a corrected birthday to because 1. I don't know how to edit an order I already finished and 2. When I tried sending the photos in "actual size" the first time your site said the files were too big. Please get back to me as soon as you can thanks
IDTOP: Hello friend,
You can email photos directly to our employees
You will tell our staff to change the date of birth
Our staff will change your information
If the staff did not reply to your message, please complain:
Thank you very much

1 month ago
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